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We are one of Singapore’s most established dance schools offering Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango and Kizomba dance classes.

With over a decade of teaching experience, our courses are progressively structured and will help you achieve your dance goals in easy, accessible steps.

singapore premier salsa bachata dance school

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Our Dance Specialities

Ignite your love for dance with our exciting dance classes here in Singapore! Join our talented instructors for dance lessons who will guide you through a vibrant world of dance, and unleash your youthful energy on the dance floor.

A Man and Woman Dancing Salsa in Dance Studio


A social partner dance with South American origins, Salsa is a fun, fast-paced dance with nifty footwork and turns/spins. Salsa music is catchy, percussive and highly energetic, and the dance is now a global phenomenon enjoyed by a community of passionate dancers.

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Argentine Tango, originating in the late 19th century on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, is a dance form that exudes both passion and elegance. It entails a close embrace and encourages improvisation, fostering boundless creativity and self-expression among dancers.

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A Man and Woman Dancing Bachata in a Dance Studio


Bachata is a beautiful dance which originated from the Dominican Republic. We teach Modern Bachata, which is an evolution of the original style, and one with a more sensual nature. Bachata is a social partner dance that is both expressive and fun.

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A Man and Woman Dancing Kizomba in Dance Studio


The word “Kizomba” comes from the Kimbundu language of Angola. It means “party” and “kizombadas” were occasions when people gathered to socialise and dance. Today Kizomba stands for the music genre and the dance style. Requiring connectivity and musicality between partners, Kizomba is a conversation of movement between two individuals and the beautiful Kizomba music.

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Dance Classes For Everyone
Dance Classes For Beginner
A Man and Woman Dancing in Studio with Onlookers
A Man and Woman Dancing on Dance Floor with Bright Lights

Dance Classes For Everyone

At Dance Movement Inc., we understand that choosing the right school is important to starting off your dance journey right. If you are a new dancer, we encourage you to join us for a beginner trial dance class and experience the dance and dancing at our studio first-hand.

You don’t need any dance background to join us for our Beginner classes. Pick up your favourite Street Latin Dance in a fun and sociable environment. Classes are structured to progressively and effectively help you pick up these dances.

Our intermediate and advance level classes are designed to help you become a better dancer through progressive learning. Throughout these courses, you will learn techniques for partnerwork patterns, fancy footwork, intricate hand changes. The focus will be on continuity in leading and following a series of moves, shines and styling.

Taking classes is just the first step. Join us for our practice sessions to practice and reinforce what you have learnt. We also organise exciting monthly social events to provide you opportunities to hit the dancefloor and put your social dancing skills to good use. 

Our Dance School Achievements

We are proud to be recognised as a leading institution for dance education in Singapore, offering exceptional dance classes and lessons to students of all ages.

See What Our
Students Have To Say

  • Ron teo 03 Jan 03, 2023

    This is not just a studio, it's home for enthusiasts dancers. There's so much love, joy, happiness, friendship happening here. The instructor here not only is a mentor to us, they are also friends to us. The atmosphere dancing here is so much different from other studio, that's where many of my classmates do agreed.

  • Axel Johansson 03 Jan 03, 2023

    I love the JJ dance studio. While their teaching of Salsa and Bachata is great it is the humour and fun they create during their courses that keeps me coming back! Can't recommend them enough...

  • Ronak Somani 05 Apr 05, 2023

    Really good experience, we completed our beginners class and now started with intermediate one. Trainers are patient and nice. Every class has a new take away, and so far me and my partner are really enjoying the classes.

  • Zhengyan Gillian Lu 03 Jan 03, 2023

    Compared to other studios I went to, this one feels more laid back, more focused on technical details yet less commercial. Have been going to this dancing studio for a year so I can recommend it to everyone who's either new or experienced. The instructors there are extraordinary dancers themselves and their teaching is patient and loads of fun. I've changed from two left-feet to someone who enjoys social dancing and barely steps on the partners' feet.

  • Lau Belle Lifeng 03 Jan 03, 2023

    A very inclusive, homely and friendly environment to pick up some dancing skills. Instructors always go beyond their job scope (and time slot) to ensure students learn beyond just techniques but musicality as well. A technical dance is never as good as a real musical dance with emotions! A shout out to Ronnie and Ee lian for being such lovely instructors and always inculcating a positive learning culture and environment! 🙂

  • linhvuphuong 03 Jan 03, 2023

    A great studio for anyone who would love to pick up Salsa & Bachata dance. Professional and fun instructors, lovely classmates & dancer community, nice & comfortable studio. Highly recommended!

  • Mitchel Pagdilao (mitchadventure) 03 Jan 03, 2023

    The instructors Ronnie and Ee Lian made me stay learning Salsa and Bachata and going for practica/socials at JJ Dance Movement. Their warmth, clear teaching, humor and dedication to their craft really are the things that make JJ not just a studio but feels like home.

  • Audrey Chia 03 Jan 03, 2023

    The friendliest, highly skilled and experienced teachers who don't just know how to dance or demonstrate the moves but to explain the whys and why not of that particular movement . Everyone can dance, but not everyone knows how to Teach!

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