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An Image of a Man and a Woman Dipping in a Bachata Dance

About Bachata

Bachata is a beautiful dance which originated from the Dominican Republic. We teach Modern Bachata in Singapore, which is an evolution of the original style, and one with a more sensual nature. Our Bachata class is a fun and exciting way to learn the steps and the history behind the dance.

Bachata is a social partner dance that is both expressive and fun. Spending time in Bachata class with a partner makes it even more engaging. Catchy Bachata tunes (including remixes of pop songs) all contribute to the rise in popularity in this dance and keeping dancers on the floor for hours on-end.

An Image of Three Women Performing a Solo Bachata Routine

Learning at DMI

Learning Bachata in DMI is a progressive, fun experience for new and experienced dancers. We will make certain that you have a great time in our Bachata class. Our Bachata class syllabus has been developed over several years, and we promise a systematic and engaging learning journey to get you to the dance floor. We also have a wonderful community of social dancers to join and support you on your dance journey towards mastering Bachata in Singapore.

Practice outside of class is made easy with Practica (or practice) sessions and exciting Social (dance) events. Not only will you be picking up an interesting new hobby, you can also be a part of a fun and friendly social circle.

An Image of Three Women Performing a Solo Bachata Routine
An Image of a Man and a Woman Twirling in Dance

Why Learn Modern Bachata at DMI?

Dance Movement Inc offers a unique experience when it comes to conducting Bachata classes in Singapore. We are very passionate about the dances we are teaching. Thus, you can expect us to be very patient when teaching you every step and what they convey. Modern Bachata is made closer to people’s hearts as it projects contemporary dance moves. We promise you that you will have the best recreational activity when you choose our Bachata class here at DMI.

In Partnerwork and Solo

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What Our Clients Say About Their Bachata Experience

Bachata Class FAQs

Bachata dance is a social dance from the Dominican Republic. It becomes popular among adults and young adults and is commonly enjoyed in social gatherings.

It is not, when you join us for our progressive class syllabus. Our fun, systematic classes have helped many students pick up Bachata, and will have you hit the dancefloor with confidence.

You can sign up on our website to book a Bachata dance class with us. We will give you a confirmation as soon as possible.

Some elements that help our students decide what dance to start with include music preference, or how fast or slow the dance is. At the beginner level, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty level. Our classes move at a pace that will help you learn the dance, even if you don’t have any background.

You can come in your regular streetwear, something you are comfortable moving around in. Shoes-wise, put on something comfortable that will not fall off your feet easily (e.g. no slippers). There will be some pivoting, so you may also want to wear a pair of shoes with a slightly smoother base.

It is difficult to learn Bachata by yourself, plus where’s the fun in that? You may want to consider enrolling in our Bachata class for a more engaging learning experience today!