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About Kizomba

The word “Kizomba” comes from the Kimbundu language of Angola. It means “party” and “kizomba das” were occasions when people gathered to socialise and dance. Today Kizomba in Singapore stands for the music genre and the dance style, a beautiful sensual social dance experience. Kizomba Dance has been quite popular among adults. It is commonly danced in parties and get-togethers.

With Angolan roots, Kizomba is now danced in many countries. Requiring connectivity and musicality between partners, Kizomba dance is a conversation of movement between two individuals and the beautiful Kizomba music.

An Image of a Man and a Woman Dancing Kizomba in a Dance Studio with Students Watching While Standing

Learning at DMI

Learning Kizomba dance in DMI is a progressive, fun experience for new and experienced dancers. We partner with the best Kizomba dancers in the community to bring you the best learning experience, and to help you get to the dance floor. We also have a wonderful community of social dancers to join and support you on your Kizomba dance journey. Practice outside of class is made easy with Practica (or practice) sessions and exciting Social (dance) events. Not only will you be picking up an interesting new hobby, you can also be a part of a fun and friendly social circle.

An Image of a Man and a Woman Dancing Kizomba in a Dance Studio with Students Watching While Standing
An Image of a Man and a Woman Twirling in a Dance Studio with Students Watching While Standing

Why Learn Kizomba at DMI?

Kizomba dance is a good social dance that many groups in Singapore are fond of. We at Dance Movement Inc strive to make learning Kizomba as fun, engaging, and educational as possible. Our studio provides a safe and supportive environment for students to explore their creative potential as they learn new Kizomba dance moves, perfect techniques, and improve their overall dancing skills.

We offer Kizomba dance classes for all levels, from absolute beginners all the way up to advanced dancers. There’s something for everyone regardless of their dancing experience or physical ability. We also encourage students to continue developing their skills by attending Kizomba dance workshops in Singapore where they can meet new people and expand their knowledge base even further. It provides the opportunity for personal growth within a welcoming community full of positive energy – so why not join us today?

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Kizomba Dance FAQs

Kizomba dance is a social dance originated in Angola. It is known for being a party dance as Kizomba is typically danced at high society parties.

Not at all. With your dedication and our expertise when it comes to teaching Kizomba dance in Singapore, you will be able to master the dance in no time.

We are glad to hear you are interested in our Kizomba dance class. Kindly sign up on our website to book a Kizomba dance class with us today.

Kizomba dance is a party dance, making it quite popular among adults, especially in the higher society. It is also a fun and lively dance that makes it very enjoyable for both the dancers and the audience.

Kizomba originated from Angola.