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About Salsa

Salsa in Singapore is a social partner dance with South American origins, Salsa is a fun, fast-paced dance with nifty footwork and turns/spins. Salsa music is catchy, percussive and highly energetic, and the dance is now a global phenomenon enjoyed by a community of passionate dancers and salsa dance class attendees.

People love salsa class because the dance itself is a fun, high-energy and social dance style that allows them to express themselves creatively, connect with others, and feel the rhythm and passion of Latin music. Salsa in Singapore is a great workout that improves coordination, balance, and confidence, while also providing a sense of community and cultural enrichment.

A Group of Women Dancing in a Studio

Learning at DMI

Joining salsa class in DMI is a progressive, fun experience for new and experienced dancers. Our Salsa class syllabus has been developed over several years, and we promise a systematic and engaging learning journey to get you to the dance floor. We also have a wonderful community of social dancers to join and support you on your dance journey.

Practising salsa outside of class is made easy with Practica (or practice) sessions and exciting Social (dance) events. Not only will you be picking up an interesting new hobby, you can also be a part of a fun and friendly social circle.

A Group of Women Dancing in a Studio

Why Learn Salsa at DMI?

Choosing the right dance studio is essential to achieving your dancing goals. At Dance movement Inc, we offer a supportive and inclusive environment for Salsa dancers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our experienced and passionate instructors teach a variety of dance styles, including salsa, hip hop, ballroom, and more. We believe that a salsa class is not just about learning steps, but also about building confidence, expressing yourself, and having fun. Our studio offers flexible scheduling for salsa class, affordable prices, and a range of classes for all ages. Join our community of salsa dancers and experience the joy and benefits of dance at DMI.



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Salsa Class FAQs

Salsa is a Latin American social dance that is danced with a partner. It often involves live music, expressive movements and upbeat rhythm.

Salsa is fast paced and exciting. However, it is not difficult to learn. At DMI, you can pick it up easily with our easy-to-follow class syllabus. We also provide plenty of opportunities for you to practice what you learn in class.

You can sign up on our website to book a Salsa dance class with us. We will give you a confirmation as soon as possible.

Salsa is among the most popular Latin American dance and it can be owed to the liveliness of the dance and its beautiful execution when danced with a partner.

You can come in your regular streetwear, something you are comfortable moving around in. Shoes-wise, put on something comfortable that will not fall off your feet easily (e.g. no slippers). There will be some pivoting, so you may also want to wear a pair of shoes with a slightly smoother base.