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A social partner dance with Caribbean origins, Salsa is a fun, fast-paced dance with nifty footwork and turns/spins. 

Salsa music is catchy, percussive and highly energetic, and the dance is now a global phenomenon enjoyed by a community of passionate dancers.


Argentine Tango, originating in the late 19th century on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, is a dance form that exudes both passion and elegance. It entails a close embrace and encourages improvisation, fostering boundless creativity and self-expression among dancers.

Tango music is a genre known for its rich emotional expression and captivating melodies. The melodies in tango are often hauntingly beautiful, evoking a range of emotions from longing and passion to melancholy and nostalgia.

An Image of a Man and a Woman Dipping in a Bachata Dance


Bachata is a beautiful dance which originated from the Dominican Republic. We teach Modern Bachata, which is an evolution of the original style, and one with a more sensual nature. Bachata is a social partner dance that is both expressive and fun. 

Catchy Bachata tunes (including remixes of pop songs) all contribute to the rise in popularity in this dance and keeping dancers on the floor for hours on-end.


The word “Kizomba” comes from the Kimbundu language of Angola. It means “party” and “kizombadas” were occasions when people gathered to socialise and dance. Today Kizomba stands for the music genre and the dance style, a beautiful sensual social dance experience. 

With Angolan roots, Kizomba is now danced in many countries. Requiring connectivity and musicality between partners, Kizomba is a conversation of movement between two individuals and the beautiful Kizomba music.