PinkFest 2023: Bachata & Salsa Taster Workshop

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Experience the fun and connectivity of street latin dance with our Beginner Bachata & Salsa Taster Workshop.

Dress Theme: Pink?
Date: 3 Jun (Sat)
Time: 6pm to 7.30pm
Fees: $9.90 per pax

We start you off with the slow, sensual beats of Bachata, a beautiful dance that originated from the Dominican Republic. We then pick up the pace, and will have spinning to a more upbeat Salsa tempo.


Both Salsa and Bachata are improvisational partner dances. Traditionally, men take on the role of ‘leader’ and women, of ‘follower’. This workshop offers a gender-neutral, ‘queer’ introduction to the latin dances. Anyone can be a leader and/or follower, and the roles can be reversed at any time.



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