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Want To Know More? - FAQ

Find and register for a class that is right for you using our class schedule, and register for your class via OClass Ignite App or OClass Ignite Web Portal. You can also make payment online to confirm your enrollment.

No you don’t have to. You can join our classes on your own, with a bunch of friends, or with a partner. During our classes, we will rotate partners. This gives everyone an opportunity to meet new people!

Our class levels are summarised in our “Class Schedule” page. You may to refer to this. Alternatively, drop us a message at join@dancemovmentinc.com. We will be glad to speak to you, and arrange for you to meet up with us to assess what level suits you.

Yes, if you miss a class, we strongly encourage you to do a make-up class with the next run of the same or lower level class. You may contact us at join@dancemovementinc.com for your make-up class enquiries.

You can come in your regular streetwear, something you are comfortable moving around in. Shoes-wise, do put on something comfortable and will not fall off your feet easily (e.g. no slippers). There will be some pivoting, so you may also want to wear a pair of shoes with a slightly smoother base.